The best poison Pokémon in Pokémon Go


Why one-shot your enemies, when you can watch them struggle against their slow but imminent doom thanks to the use of poison? In Pokémon Go, no one can deny how annoying poison Pokémon are. Well, as long as you’re against one, because if you’re the trainer that’s got one on their team, you’re likely enjoying yourself, and even if you don’t pick up the victory, you can rest easy knowing you forced your rival to use more items than they’d like.

With that in mind, we took more than our fair share of cuts, bites, and stings from a range of poison Pokémon, just so we can tell you what the best poison Pokémon in Pokémon Go are. Most of them are fairly obvious, but there might be one or two entries that surprise you, and if they don’t, congratulations, you have great taste in Pokémon.

Of course, we understand that not everyone is in the market for poison. Some prefer arson, in which case, you should see if these fire Pokémon can help you bring the heat. Alternatively, you could shock ’em all with the best electric Pokémon, scare ’em all with some spooky ghost Pokémon, or reach for the skies with some flying Pokémon.

Anyway, have your antidotes at the ready as we dive into our list of the best poison Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

Poison Pokémon

poison Pokémon Beedrill


Fast attack: Poison jab
Charged attack: Sludge bomb

Do you know the ol’ saying, float like a Butterfree sting like a Beedrill? Well, there’s a reason for it, and that’s that the latter has some potent venom that can ruin your day. Seriously, Beedrill is one of the originators when it comes to poison-types, and you know what they say – don’t mess with the original.

poison Pokémon Victreebel


Fast attack: Acid
Charged attack: Sludge bomb

Another generation one ‘mon that paved the way for future poisonous creatures is Victreebel, and this grass/poison-type hybrid is one ferocious-looking plant. Yes, it’s as dangerous as it looks, so even though it might take a while to reach this stage three Pokémon, it’s worth the effort, especially since you can create a combination of attacks that can cause some serious problems for your rivals.

poison Pokémon Drapion


Fast attack: Poison sting
Charged attack: Sludge bomb

When it comes to poison Pokémon, this is a favourite at PT, because no matter what game you play, Drapion is a solid addition to any party, and that’s especially true in Pokémon Go. Does it take a lot of time to get Drapion? Yes. Is it worth the hassle? Absolutely. Drapion has access to some powerful attacks that not only inflict the poison status effect, but also hit like a freight train.

poison Pokémon Roserade


Fast attack: Poison jab
Charged attack: Sludge bomb

Roserade is one of the most powerful poison Pokémon in the entire franchise, never mind in Pokémon Go. The thing about this stage three ‘mon is that it has access to some brutal attacks that can inflict plenty of damage, then stack poison on top of it. This rose really does have thorns.

poison Pokémon Toxicroak


Fast attack: Poison jab
Charged attack: Sludge bomb

As the great Britney Spears once said, ‘I’m addicted to you, don’t you know that you’re toxic?’ Well, actually, we’re not addicted to Toxicroak, cause you know, that would be all kinds of weird, but the ‘mon is most certainly toxic. As such, it has no problem dishing out some lovely poison, with impressive speed, we might add. But more than that, Toxicroak is also a fighting Pokémon, so it can not only poison its foes but knock ’em out too – talk about a double whammy.

poison Pokémon Vileplume


Fast attack: Acid
Charged attack: Sludge bomb

Vileplume has a special place in the hearts of many, mainly due to it being one of the most powerful Pokémon from generation one, and it’s only gotten stronger over the years, as it became a grass and poison-type hybrid, which means you can mix and match its abilities, but if you choose a pure poison approach, Vileplume is a fine choice that can get the job done.

poison Pokémon Scolipede


Fast attack: Poison jab
Charged attack: Sludge bomb

Scolipede is a bug and poison-type hybrid that can ruin your foe’s day, especially if they’re like Misty and have an aversion to bugs. When it comes to its poison attacks, Scolipede can cause impressive damage and the poison status effect – just watch the life drain from the opposing ‘mon. Oof, that got pretty dark.

poison Pokémon Muk


Fast attack: Poison jab
Charged attack: Gunk shot

Muk is the only entry on this list that’s purely a poison Pokémon, so if you want one that only focuses on this field, you can’t get much better than Muk, who also happens to be somewhat of a pioneer for poisonous ‘mon. In Pokémon Go, Muk can use a variety of poison-based attacks, the majority of which are likely to cause lasting damage.

poison Pokémon Nidoqueen


Fast attack: Poison jab
Charged attack: Sludge wave

Nidoqueen is an accurate name, cause in Pokémon Go, you really do need-yo-queen. Silly puns aside, This giant ‘mon is a powerhouse in every sense of the word, and as a ground-poison-type hybrid, she has access to some damage-heavy attacks that could decimate the opposition.

poison Pokémon Tentacruel


Fast attack: Poison jab
Charged attack: Sludge wave

Under the sea, not where you should be, down there is danger, poison can get ya, take it from me. Now we all have that delightful Disney song stuck in our heads, let me explain why Tentacruel is one of the best poison Pokémon you can get in Pokémon Go. Quite simply, thanks to its water and poison capabilities, you can use some great combinations that are sure to damage the opposition.

There you have it, the best poison Pokémon in Pokémon Go – just keep some antidotes handy in case a trainer turns the tables on you. Should you be after even more adventures, our list of the best Pokémon games has some great suggestions.

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