Dragon Quest Treasures gets its first trailer, no platforms announced


Dragon Quest Treasures gets its first trailer, no platforms announced

Dragon Quest is 36 years old, which means Square Enix is celebrating. It revealed the first trailer for Dragon Quest Treasures, a spin-off from Dragon Quest XI featuring Erik and Mia from the game, but much younger. While we don’t know too much about it, it seems from the trailer that the pair will hunt for treasure, with some flying aspects possibly involved.

It’s exactly a year since Square Enix first announced the game when all we saw was the character designs, and we get more footage in this new Dragon Quest Treasures trailer. But producer Taichi Inuzuka did reveal a little more at the time, as translated by Gematsu: “I can’t reveal too much about the game at the moment, but I can tell you some important key themes: ‘Erik and Mia’s childhood,’ and ‘treasure hunting.’ It’s an RPG, but nothing at all like a traditional one, and that’s just about all I can say right now.

He continued, “the release date and the platforms it will be playable on are as yet unannounced, but we’re working closely with [Dragon Quest game designer Yuji] Horii to make a worldwide simultaneous release happen.” The description below the trailer on YouTube says we can expect even more news in June, so maybe then we’ll learn about the platforms – and fingers crossed it’s on Switch.

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