Ultra beasts are heading to Pokémon Go


Ultra beasts are heading to Pokémon Go

Get your beast balls ready trainers, we’ve finally got our first hint towards Pokémon Go ultra beasts. A new teaser from Niantic has given us a look at the ultra beast Nihilego, as well as a trainer wearing an outfit reminiscent of the ultra recon squad from Pokémon Sun & Moon. Considering the introduction of Alola a while ago, we’ve heavily anticipated ultra beasts for quite some time.

So, what are the Pokémon Go ultra beasts? Well so far, we only have confirmation of Nihilego, the rock and poison-type Pokémon that resembles a jellyfish and a fancy umbrella. Of course, this opens the floodgates to the rest of the ultra beast gang, so we imagine it won’t be much longer before we see ‘mon like Guzzlord and Buzzwole.

We’re going to need a lot more information, but if we had to guess then we’d also say to expect unlockable customisation items based on the ultra recon squad, which would be pretty cool. The recent focus on Pokémon Sun & Moon has been great and we can’t wait to see more, hopefully with creatures like Litten and Popplio appearing in the new Pokémon Go Community Day dates.

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