Gather round the Campfire with Niantic’s new app


You might recognise those rascals over at Niantic from making the biggest mobile game to ever grace the Earth, Pokémon Go. It also made the lesser-known but still charming Pikmin Bloom. So, what’s next for the juggernauts of the mobile industry? Well, we have some details on the dev’s latest project, Niantic’s Campfire, a social app designed to bring players together.

Niantic’s Campfire is part of a greater push by the developer to explore AR such as with its Lightship AR tech. Campfire works as a social media platform linked with your Niantic account and apps that utilise it, such as Pokémon Go, allowing you to see where your friends are (if they allow it) and assisting with the organising of events. Imagine seeing a friend was only a few streets away, so you organise to meet at a Pokémon Go raid.

While we’ll have to see more about the app to truly explore its functions, it seems like a great way to communicate with other players, and perhaps to meet people and expand your gameplay. Especially as Pokémon Go encourages too much exploration and teamwork, this could be a nice way to assist the more shy players, or simply to streamline the process of organising events. If it means I can get some more people in my raids, I’ll give it a shot.

While we wait for more details, you can check out the trailer for Niantic’s next title Peridot below. It’s an AR title where you raise and care for an adorable virtual creature, so basically a mega Tamagotchi. Sold.

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