Expand your network and connect with a diverse mix of professionals at Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto


Toronto is the most diverse, multicultural city in the entire world (as recognised by both the BBC and the United Nations). We couldn’t be more proud to call Toronto the newest and next location for our Pocket Gamer Connects conference series, and today, we’re taking a closer look at what that means for you.

Our next conference is taking place in this vibrant city on July 6-7, and you won’t want to miss it. We’re taking the conference you know and love to an all-new city blossoming with new opportunities and diverse talent, and we’re welcoming over 750 game industry professionals from all around the world. The two-day schedule will be jam-packed with insightful sessions on all the most pressing topics facing the industry today where attendees will enjoy hearing from over 150 of the world’s leading authorities from fantastic, top-tier games companies. There is truly no better place to get connected with the global games industry than PG Connect.

Today, we’re talking about the next city PG Connects is coming to. Join us on this deep dive into the diverse city of Toronto and all the promise and opportunities it offers. If you’re ready to secure your ticket to our conference today, head over to our official conference website and enjoy savings of up to $350 CAD with our Early Bird offer – you won’t want to miss it.

The world’s most diverse city
Did you know that Toronto’s motto is “diversity is our strength”? This isn’t just a slogan to be taken with a grain of salt, either – 51% of Toronto residents were born outside of Canada, with about 300,000 Toronto residents being born in China. The level of diversity and inclusion that this metropolitan hub has is unlike any other. The number of foreign-born residents goes far beyond that of the cities we’re more likely to think of when we think of global and diverse cities, such as London or Sydney. If there is any place in the world we should shift our focus to at the moment, both due to the explosive growth of the games industry in the city and the incredible diversity the city offers, it’s Toronto.

When you attend PG Connects this July and get to walk along the vibrant streets of Toronto, you might get to hear some of the 140 languages that are spoken within the city. The city is representative of over 250 different ethnicities, with about half the population identifying as a minority (defined as Asian, Latin American, Black or Arab). The city offers many multicultural celebrations to bring communities together, and some popular festivals in the city are the Roncesvalles Polish Festival, celebrating Polish people and music in the city, as well as the Toronto Chinatown Festival, which features martial art performances, plenty of authentic Asian food and more.

Toronto is truly a door to the rest of the world that celebrates and uplifts its own people and their multiculturalism, and when it comes to connecting with game industry professionals of varied cultural backgrounds, nationalities and more, there is nowhere quite like Toronto. As noted by Toronto native Bruce Poon Tip for the BBC, “[Toronto is] a hub of innovation and idealism and it’s beautiful. But it’s also extremely diverse in culture, people and ideas.” We couldn’t be prouder for Toronto to be the next frontier for our PG Connects series, and we hope you’ll be able to join us there.

Expand your network and connect with a diverse mix of professionals
There is no better place to expand your network and be exposed to people of all cultures, nationalities and backgrounds. If we know anything, it’s that a company’s creativity and innovation thrives when diversity and inclusion initiatives increase. Greater diversity within companies results in happier employees, increased productivity, better understanding of audiences and greater revenue. There is no better place to start working on those efforts than coming together with the global games industry in the most diverse city in the world.

In Toronto, you will be inspired by countless prospective business partners from all backgrounds, and it’s an unparalleled opportunity to discover new untapped markets and opportunities for you to dive into that you may have never thought of previously. This conference opens many doors to meet fresh new talent that you may have otherwise never connected with, so if you’re looking to diversify your potential talent pool and be inspired by industry peers from all walks of life, Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto presents the perfect opportunity to do so. Don’t miss out on all the new perspectives, networking and untapped market opportunities that Toronto has to offer – join us in this dynamic, diverse city come July and explore all that it has to offer for yourself.

Get your ticket booked today
There is no time like now to purchase your ticket to Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto. We know you love our conferences, and we’re confident you will fall in love with this dynamic world city, as well. Secure your tickets today and save up to $350 CAD using our Early Bird discount! Remember to act fast, it’s a limited time offer and once it’s gone, it’s not coming back.

Special accommodation discount in Toronto
We understand the hassle that booking your conference accommodation can cause, especially when it’s in a city you’re unfamiliar with. In order to make your accommodation booking and stay go as smoothly as possible, we have partnered with the fantastic Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel to grant our attendees an unparalleled hotel deal in Toronto (the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel also happens to be our conference venue!). Don’t miss out on the incredible rates you can get if you book using this deal. You won’t have to worry about finding a safe and secure hotel that will have the conference going on just floors below. Book your accommodation through this link as soon as you can before our delegates book it out.

Want to get involved?
There is no better place than Pocket Gamer Connects events to share your wealth of knowledge with the games community at large, and we would like to extend the invitation for renowned producers, developers, executives and leaders in the space to lead a session on a topic they’re passionate about and have expertise in at our upcoming Toronto show. If you think you might be a fit and this sounds like something you’d love to do at our Toronto conference, complete our speaker submission form or get in touch with sophie.atkin@steelmedianetwork.com direct to discuss further!

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