Go Underbridge in the PUBG: New State May update


Go Underbridge in the PUBG: New State May update

It’s that time again for all you soldiers out there, as the PUBG: New State May update is here, and it’s fair to say that it brings some significant changes and exciting content with it. From a new survivor pass, to fresh weapons, and a new map for the round deathmatch game mode, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.

There’s no denying how great it is when a new map debuts in a mobile shooter, and the PUBG: New State May update introduces Underbridge, a location that you can go to war  in during matches of round deathmatch. However, if you’re an up-close and personal kind of warrior, this place isn’t for you, as its watchtowers and terrain encourage mid to long-range battles. Furthermore, care packages aren’t available here, so use your resources wisely.

Besides the new map, there’s another change in New State’s round deathmatch mode, and that’s a new level system. From now on, you can get combat XP based on the results of the game, so no matter whether you win or lose, you’ve got something to gain – the fact that kills and damage can also provide you with more XP is a great bonus.

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