Fantasy RPG Trinity Trigger is heading to Switch (in Japan)


Fantasy RPG Trinity Trigger is heading to Switch (in Japan)

Thanks to and Stealth on Twitter, it has been revealed that a brand new fantasy RPG called Trinity Trigger is heading to Japan, including a Trinty Trigger release date. Described as a completely new story, about a young man caught up in fate who has to save the world. It features gorgeous and cute visuals that bring to mind classics like Bravely Default and Trials of Mana, which may not be a mistake when looking at the staff credits.

Developer Three Rings has some incredible pedigree developers in its team, including; world designer Nobuteru Yuki (“Trials of Mana 3” “Chrono Cross”), character designer Raita Kazama (“Xenoblade” and “Puzzle & Dragons”), scenario writer Yura Kubota (“Octopath Traveler” “Bravely Default II”), and creature designs from Atsuko Nishida, Tomohiro Kitafu, Megumi Mizutani (“Pokemon” series are behind Trinity Trigger. This is a huge wealth of talent, so we’re wondering when could the Trinity Trigger release date be?

Currently, Trinity Trigger is releasing in Japan on September 15 for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. There are no current plans for a western release, but we’ll certainly keep our fingers crossed. With any luck, there might be an English language option in the Japanese release, but a full version for western territories would be lovely to see.

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