Pokémon damage calculator – where to find, how to use, and more


Pokémon damage calculator – where to find, how to use, and more

Whether you’re trying to do some quick math in an intense online battle, or you’re delicately detailing each gym battle on a Nuzlocke run, you’re going to need a Pokémon damage calculator. With so many types, moves, and variables to take into account, it’s pointless trying to work out every solution in your head.

That’s where we come in, with our guide to finding the Pokémon damage calculator to suit you. As you’d expect with a game so popular, there are a number of fan-made tools to make stat math while battling that much easier, turning what can be desperate situations on their head, or helping you to avoid a fatal mistake when switching in and out. 

For a neat little accompaniment to our Pokémon damage calculator guide, why not check out our Pokémon Go type chart to refresh yourself on the multiple type dynamics throughout the series. Or, if you’re looking to find a specific type of Pokémon to counter an opponent, check out our guides to the best electric Pokémon, water Pokémon, and psychic Pokémon.

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